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Thread Drops Floss Organizers

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Organize your embroidery floss collection with these handy Thread Drops! Thread Drops are designed to help stitchers manage stitching lengths of strands and plies of thread. These easy to use thread cards allow you to loop thread strands or skeins through the larger hole at the bottom of the drop. The large blank area at the top gives you space to write the thread color/name and the smaller hole at the top of the drop allows you to store your drops on a  binder ring. 

:: Thread Drops with Ring
:: Includes 30 thread drops and 1 metal O-Ring
:: Made of heavy weight card stock
:: Each drop measures 1.75" wide (at widest point) x 2.75" tall

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Harris
I can’t stitch without these

I go back and forth between quilting, stitching and needle pointing. We just moved and my supplies are in boxes all over the place. Tonight I wanted to start a new needlepoint project as a treat. I found a good enough collection of threads with a little digging. What I couldn’t find were my thread drops. When I open a new skein I wrap it around a thread drop and write the color, #, et al. I realized I could put in an order with Snuggly Monkey and maybe receive them before I unearth them in my boxes. I always have these in my stash. I can’t start a new project without them.