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Tula Pink Hardware 5 Inch Hemostat

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A jack-of-all trades tool that is essential for your sewing basket! The Tula Pink Hemostat is not only perfect for expertly pulling out threads that get stuck in your sewing machine, it is also an excellent tool to help with threading your serger, pulling off paper from foundation paper pieced projects, pulling hand sewing needles through tight layers and more!

The all metal Tula Pink Hemostat has a smooth jaw so the thread is gripped tightly and securely as you clamp the handles together. Unlike a typical hemostat, which has a toothed or jagged jaw preventing a firm grip, this hemostat is more like tweezers - only better! You will be able to grab a hold of that little thread, lock onto it tightly for easy removal, and the hemostat won't let go.

:: One (1) Tula Pink Hemostat
:: Color: Prismatic Rainbow
:: Size: 5" long x 2-1/2" across handles when closed (13cm x 6cm)

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