Speedweve Style Mending Looms

Speedweve Style Mending Looms

Speedweve style mending looms are the perfect tool for patching small holes in clothing or socks, creating decorative patches and even making small pockets. These mini looms were popular in the 1940s and 50s. The Speedweve was made by the E & A Chesstok company in Manchester, England, but similar looms were made by several other companies under different names like the Star Darning Machine, the Easy Darner and the Daga Darner. Originals can still be found in antique shops, but we are proud to stock these beautiful reproductions here at Snuggly Monkey. 

Speedweve Style Mending LoomThe width of your patch is determined by how many hooks are on your loom. For smaller patches and darning socks, a 10-hook loom is ideal.

10 Hook Weaving Loom

To create larger patches or pockets, a 14-hook loom will give you a wider workspace.

14-Hook Speedweve Style Mending Loom

This style of loom is fun and easy to use. Watch our video for a step-by-step tutorial on getting started with your new loom!


  • Rita

    Do you carry the stainless coils/springs?

    Thank you

  • Kay Lea Hunter

    Can you provide instructions for finishing the back of your patch once it comes off the loom? Do you pull the threads to the front and weave them into the patch or do you leave them in the back?


  • Annaïck Kisby

    His could become an obsession, but what a lovely one! Can’t wait to get one

  • Evonn Nel

    I have one from the40s

  • Mary Berry

    This is the greatest thing EVER!! I have to have this!! I have an original Speed Weave that I picked up on eBay just for the fun of it, but this version is absolutely stellar! I’ve been a weaver (fabric) for 30 years. All my weaving friends will want one. And the lady that owns the knitting shop next door to my weaving shop. Just too much fun!!

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