The Importance of Being an Authorized Retailer

The Importance of Being an Authorized Retailer

Snuggly Monkey's mission to support the modern maker community has many facets. We strive to support crafters and makers by curating a varied collection of exceptional quality supplies, by providing inspiration, advice and tips on projects and by striving to provide exceptional customer service always. Equally as important as supporting the makers in our community, Snuggly Monkey is also passionate about supporting the designers and artists that fill our creative worlds with so much inspiration, which is why we are proud to be an Authorized Retailer for over 25 different brands. 

An authorized retailer is a vendor who has entered into an agreement with and received permission from a particular brand or designer to purchase their products on a wholesale basis and re-sell them in a retail environment. As a retail shop, Snuggly Monkey has wholesale agreements with many different designers and brands, such as Sublime Stitching, cozyblue, Dropcloth Samplers and Tamar Nahir Yanai. Partnering with different brands and designers allows us to stock our virtual shelves with a wide variety of great quality products, while supporting the work of designers by purchasing directly from them or from their appointed distributors. According to the Artwork Archive, wholesale/retailer relationships provide designers and artists with "a consistent source of revenue while expanding [their] products to new audiences."

[Snuggly Monkey] has been one of my longest-standing and most supportive wholesale accounts. Offering wholesale is such an important aspect of my business and my retailers are exclusively small, independent businesses. This relationship gives Sublime Stitching products wider visibility and availability beyond what I can do alone, and, I hope my offering of unique products helps support a wider network of small, independent retailers. ~ Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching

Another way that artists grow their businesses is by collaborating with other artists and designers. Jenny from Sublime Stitching is an expert collaborator that has brought the work of global artists into the world of hand embroidery. Through her collaborations with artists like Gemma Correll, Nathalie Lete and Kurt Halsey, Jenny has created a unique line of embroidery patterns and accessories, like needleminders and tool cases, featuring the artwork of these talented designers. These fully licensed collaborations give artists the opportunity to reach new audiences and grow their fanbase while allowing Sublime Stitching to expand their embroidery pattern product line with beautiful new designs. It's a win-win for the entire creative community!

We understand that shopping responsibly can sometimes get tricky in the online retail world, particularly on certain marketplaces where counterfeit items or image theft are prevalent.  Rest assured that we take intellectual property rights very seriously at Snuggly Monkey. We would never knowingly participate in or condone the illegal sale of an artist's work. For the most part we do all of our product photography in house, but on occasion we do use images provided by artists and distributors to showcase their products more clearly and accurately for our customers (and always with permission to use these images). 

I knew that when I designed my miniature embroidery hoops I wanted every one across the world to be able to access and enjoy them as much as me. I also knew that I could not do this on my own. I saw wholesale as the perfect option to reach more people, whilst also working and supporting like minded businesses. I consider myself very lucky to work with many stockists worldwide who love the Dandelyne™ brand as much as me. I consider every stockist a part of my team as we ALL work hard partnering, supporting and building our communities, and building brand awareness.The Dandelyne™ brand would not be as big and wonderful as it is today without inspiring businesses like Snuggly Monkey. 

~ Sonia Lyne from Dandelyne

We are grateful for the excellent working relationships that we have with all of our suppliers and encourage you to visit them directly as you will always find unique content in their shops that you won't find anywhere else, like PDF downloads of their patterns, club subscriptions, online classes and their complete product lines. Here are a few links to get you started:

These relationships are the heart of Snuggly Monkey because they enable us to provide a wide variety of patterns, kits and supplies to support your creative endeavors. We love working to support the modern maker community as a whole and we look forward to continuing to build relationships with new and exciting brands. If you have a favorite designer or brand that you'd like to see us stock, please be sure to reach out and let us know! 

i believe the world needs more creative and happy people.
that's why i wholesale my embroidery kits and patterns with a select group of independent retailers.
i encourage everyone to slow down, get cozy, get crafty. partnering up with shops like snuggly monkey helps spread the message, and helps more people find joy in craft and creativity.  

~ Liz Stiglets from cozyblue handmade

Thanks for Shopping Small!

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