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Amodex Stain Wipes

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Amodex Stain Swipes are a revolutionary cleaner that removes a vast variety of spills, stains, and marks from your cherished fabrics and surfaces. Permanent makers, whiteboard makers, felt tip, gel & frixion pens, toner, berries, chocolate, coffee, dressing, bloody, grass, crayon, grease, hair dye, makeup, paints, and so much more all disappear with these stain removing wipes. Stain Swipes are safe on washable and fine fabric such as silk, cashmere, wool and works on carpet, upholstery, tile and wood. These incredible wipes are non-toxic, eco-friendly and safe for fabrics, surfaces, and skin.


Product Details:

:: Amodex Stain Wipes
:: Used for stain removal from fabric
:: Includes 10 individually wrapped wipes per package
:: Non-toxic
:: Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Heidi Parkes

These helped me with a carpet stain, but now it's getting a little white looking. Maybe I should've used some water after, or sprayed with hydrogen peroxide to stop the bleaching effect? I think they'd be perfect for things that can be thrown in the washing machine. They certainly removed a very stubborn, brown carpet stain, and I'd rather have it look too white than brown! ❤️

Charlotte Rains Dixon
They really work

I saw these listed and thought they'd be good to have on hand. Shortly after I got them, I got Sharpie on my brand new, pristine, white desk. Just a few little dots, but you know how it is when you have a new piece of furniture--you want it to be nice, even though I know it will get beat up eventually. I remembered the stain wipes. Right on the box it says they remove Sharpies so I gave it a try. Takes some rubbing and at first I thought it didn't work well. But when I came back later, the marks are gone. I'm sold. These are great to have in your tool box.