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Frixion Fineliner Pens - 12 Pack Assorted Colors

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Frixion Fineliner pens allow you to express your creativity without fear of mistakes. Frixion's unique thermo-sensitive, erasable ink allows you to write on paper or fabric and then erase your markings with the cap eraser or a hot iron. Frixion pens and markers are ideal for journaling, sketching, embroidery design transfers, sewing pattern marking and more. 

:: Frixion Fineline Pens - Assorted Color 12 Pack
:: Includes 12 pens in assorted colors
:: Fine Tip (0.6mm)
:: Quick drying that won't bleed through paper

 Please be aware that ink will reappear in temperatures below 14 degrees F.

Customer Reviews

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Krista Park
Wonderful assist for Hand Stitching!

I’m learning to hand stitch garments. As a new hand sewist, I desperately need a clear, consistent straight line to follow to keep my seams even. These pens really provide that on all of the fabrics I’ve tried. The ink definitely does reappear below 14 degrees F (I threw a practice cloth in the freezer after an “oops” warmup), but as long as you use them on things that won’t get that cold, can be ironed after they get that cold, or things where it won’t show (inside of clothing), there is no downside. For many applications, I think these are some of the absolute best marking tools. I do keep other things around for those few other applications (stuff that could get cold, black material, etc). These are definitely essentials in my sewing kit.