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Kuguri-Sashi Sashiko Embroidery Sampler - Ikokufu (H1071/H2071)

Sashiko means "little stabs" and is a Japanese style of hand embroidery. Beautifully intricate patterns are created with a simple running stitch using thick cotton Sashiko thread. Sashiko is great for beginning and advanced stitchers alike. Easy to learn and relaxing to do!

Kuguri-Sashi is a style of Sashiko that combines Hitomesashi (one stitch style) with Weaving. To complete this sampler you must complete 2 steps. In step one, you stitch the base stitches that come pre-printed on the sampler. In Step Two, you weave your Sashiko thread through the stitches from Step 1 to complete the design. General Kuguri-Sashi instructions are available in English and detailed instructions with lots of clear diagrams are included in Japanese. 

:: The Ikokufu Kuguri-sashi sashiko design is Pre-Printed in Washable ink on 100% Cotton Fabric
-- The pre-printed stitch markings show you exactly where to stitch the first step in this 2 part process. Please be aware that the Weave (step 2) lines are NOT pre-printed.
--- Once you have finished stitching the design, simply hand wash the piece in cold water and the stitch markings will wash away.

:: Fabric Color Options: Navy Blue or White
:: The panel is approximately 12" x 12" ( 31cm x 31cm)
:: Detailed English instructions included.
:: 100% Cotton Hand-Printed Cloth

Thread Requirements: You will need approximately 100 yards of thread to complete this sampler (60 yards for the stitching and 40 yards for the weaving). Browse our vast Sashiko thread collection to find the perfect colors for your project. 


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Anna Altschwager
Kuguri-Sashi Goodness

I find these patterns to be like meditation. This one is wonderful.