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mt Washi Tape - Wamon Washi Tape Collection

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mt of Japan is the original creator of washi tape. mt's parent company, Kamoi Kakoshi, has been making industrial adhesives for over 100 years.  In 2006, they developed the globally popular style of washi tape for the craft industry.

Washi Tape can be torn by hand and is easy to reposition, so it can be used on paper, objects or walls without causing damage to the original surface. The paper texture also makes it ideal for writing on. Washi tape can be used for decoration, journaling, packaging and more!

:: mt Pack Washi Tape
:: Wamon Washi Tape Collection
:: Includes 6 rolls of Washi Tape
:: Each roll is 15 mm wide (0.6 inches) x 10 m per roll (33 feet)
:: Made in Japan