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Tulip Hiroshima Embroidery Needles - Thick Sizes (#3-6)

Tulip Hiroshima needles are world renown for their exceptional quality. These fine needles are made in Japan by Tulip Co especially for needlework artists. Created by a careful process involving more than 30 steps, the needles are polished length-wise, so that they are strong, flexible, warp-resistant and among the highest quality in the industry.

:: Embroidery Needles (Assorted Sharp Tip - Thick Sizes)
:: Quantity: 8 needles in assorted sizes
:: Sizes: #3 (2pc), #4 (2pc), #5 (2pc), #6 (2 pc)
:: Includes a cork-stoppered tube for convenient and easy storage

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I can feel the sturdiness of these needles. The way the needle runs through the fabric is super smooth, it’s hard to describe in words, but I can definitely feel it as I stitch!

Brooke Guerrero
My favorite needles

I love these needles! I was originally drawn to them because of their gorgeous Made in Japan packaging, but they are really good needles too so I keep buying them! Very strong, they never bend or break. Nice sharp tip and runs smoothly through just about any type of fabric. This assorted thick package has several sizes that work with 6 strands of floss all the way down to 1 strand. The little test tube is really nice for storage.

Haley Bradley
Great Needles!

I love Tulip Hiroshima needles. I originally purchased the thin needles, but they were too thin for me. So I was happy to find these thicker ones. I think this brand of needles stays sharper longer than other brands. Plus, they are so smooth to use when stitching,